Did an app get you fit?

Whether you’re trying to get into shape or just eat healthier, smartphone apps can be very helpful.

One we like is Fooducate, a free app that scans bar codes of grocery store items and tells you how healthy a product is. The food item is assigned a letter grade with bullet notes about what’s good or bad in it. For example, a package of Ramen Noodles gets a “C” grade with a warning about the product’s salt and MSG content, and about the inclusion of a “controversial ingredient” – TBHQ. The app then offers suggestions of healthier alternatives. (The app is especially eye-opening when scanning breakfast cereals marketed as healthy.)

Tell us what app you’ve used to get into shape or eat better (email Maybe it’s something that motivated you to take up a new form of exercise or an app that helps you reach your weight loss goals. We’ll print some of your suggestions in March. If we use your tip, we’ll offer you a small gift to show our thanks.