There’s help for those who cannot afford diapers

For people who are are struggling financially, diapers can be hard to come by.

It’s a problem faced by too many American families: Disposable diapers are expensive (upwards of $80 a month); cloth ones don’t work when you don’t have a washing machine; and the federal programs that help impoverished mothers – food stamps and WIC – do not pay for diapers.

The lack of diapers sometimes leads to mothers reusing soiled ones and can impact their ability to seek work, since most child-care centers require parents to drop off disposable diapers with babies and toddlers.

The National Diaper Bank Network, started in 1994, works to solve that problem with a network of organizations across the country that collect diapers and distribute them to needy families.

The holiday season that is upon us is often a time when we look to give – and to teach our children about giving not just getting – and diaper donations seems a worthy cause to consider.

The Network has two Triangle affiliates: The NC Diaper Bank in Durham (; 919-886-8085) and The Diaper Train at Saint Saviour's Center in Raleigh (; 919-833-6400 Ext. 222). There are also organizations in Charlotte, Boone and Winston-Salem.

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