Win audiobook of Lee Eisenberg’s ‘The Point Is’

Lee Eisenberg’s latest book, “The Point Is: Making Sense of Birth, Death and Everything in Between,” tackles what it takes to find meaning and purpose in life.

Eisenberg explains the function of memory, then shares his own memories along with research culled from psychology and neuroscience, and draws on insights from great thinkers like Leo Tolstoy, Sigmund Freud and others. He also talks to regular people who wrestle with the demands of work and family while searching for fulfillment.

If you’d like to win the audiobook version (on CD) of “The Point Is,” send an email to by midnight Tuesday (March 8) and include your mailing address. Please put “Point” in the subject line of your email to be included in the random drawing. Only the winner will be notified.

Brooke Cain