On My Way

Those are the last words I read before I sat down to write this week’s blog. They were three little words texted to me by my husband. Fourteen years of marriage and those words still make my heart grin. It’s nice to have someone to wind down with at the end of the day, and when dear hubby tells me he’s on his way home, I smile.


We don’t talk a lot, because it’s hard to when our schedules look like a scattergram. We don’t get to spend much time together really winding down either as we both have other outlets for that sometimes, including golf, book club, and such. When we do get that time, though, we veg out, and it’s the way we both relax. By vegging I mean watching movies on Netflix that came out a year ago that we’ve never heard of. We’re out of the trendy movie loop. I don’t recall the last time we’ve vegged out together in an actual movie theater. Those were the days.


With Robin Williams’ passing, we opted to watch “The Fisher King” on Netflix. Due to our kids declaring they were thirsty, itchy, not tired, etc. after they were tucked in, it took us three nights to get through it. Thus, I think we spent more time analyzing it and mulling over the fact that this tremendously talented man who we grew up watching on the television as Mork from Ork and on the big screen as Popeye, the Genie, Dr. Malcolm Sayer, Peter Pan, Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams and more. I digress, as it’s just so very sad to think that he is gone, but what a legacy he has left. In that movie there was a video store depicted called “Video Spot.”  


At the end of night two of this film we stopped it during a scene in this store. We chatted about the good old days that ended with trips to Blockbuster Video. When we were dating and even as newlyweds it was always fun to go to dinner and drop by the nearest video spot to grab some movies for the weekend. Remember that feeling you’d get when your heart was set on a certain rental, and all copies were checked out? UGH! Even better was the feeling you’d get when you’d score the last copy and hear other patrons inquiring about the same title as you handed over your membership card at the check out? Score!


Those were the days. Back then he didn’t text these words to me. He’d call me and say them. Most of the time he still does that today. He calls a couple times throughout the day to check in on the fort, so to speak. He’s a good guy. He deserves a shout out. I’m thankful for him and do my best to spruce up the place when that call or text comes through, maybe even cueing up the old Netflix to select that night’s mindless fluff.