Stopping the Lunch Wars

Leigh's daughter helps pick out some produce for school lunches.
Leigh's daughter helps pick out some produce for school lunches.

One thing I've learned from experiencing these past 8 years as a parent is that other moms have good ideas, tips, and advice. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel. You just need ask other moms for their ideas and suggestions. 

Each new school year can be kind of crazy with a lot of child drama. You really have to be unstoppable in order to keep it all together. Moms have to pack lunches, chauffeur kids to school, plan dinner menus, juggle work, make sure your child's homework is done, and get your children to bed at a decent hour in order to do the exact same thing again the next day. Nothing irritates me more than packing a child's lunch then seeing it come home barely touched. 

I often admit I may be better at picking the right hotel for a vacation than I am on offering parental advice, but I do have a new tip up my sleeve that has worked very well for my preschooler and me this year.

I'm empowering Liza to plan her own healthy lunch ideas for school this year. This is the first year that she has been required to take a lunch to preschool as they prep her for kindergarten next year.

We grocery shop together, and then every afternoon we plan what will go in her lunchbox the next day.

We jointly make the lunchbox menu. The next day, it's easy for me to pack her lunch because the list of what she would like to have in her lunch box is right there on the fridge for me to see.

So far, we're at peace and there is no lunch time war. What are some tips you have for packing school lunches?