YouTube Tuck-Ins

My big kids have become little bookworms by day. We owe many thanks to their elementary education to date; they’re in 1st and 3rd grade. The one part of their homework that they willingly complete uninterrupted is their reading. Otherwise, I consider the homework hour to be the worst hour of the twenty-four, and when my 3rd grader used his “Free Homework Pass” tonight I nearly shouted, “Alleluia!” Due to their love of reading, at bedtime we Thompson parents sometimes slide and opt to forgo the reading of a story for requests made by our kids for electronic knowledge or entertainment on the little video sharing website founded in 2005 known as YouTube.


Thanks to that little online channel these kids (and us) have cuddled up in bed just before lights out and learned more about:

  • What makes a rainbow?
  • What happens to food in your body when you eat it? (Yes, a song about intestines, poopie, etc. - geared to their age group - was displayed, and boy, did we all giggle and get it!)
  • How big is the solar system?
  • How about funny dogs? (Thank you, AFV for the countless montages.)
  • What is a googol vs. a googolplex?
  • How does Messi do a hat trick?
  • What is the fastest car in the world?
  • What if the sun disappeared? What is the most dangerous place on earth? Kudos to Vsauce!


They’ve witnessed the hilarity of Adam and Jamie on Mythbusters time and time again as those goofballs blow things up for television ratings whilst testing scientific theories. Our sweet kids may have even willingly sat through TED talks...thanks to dear hubby’s slight obsession. Thanks to a hilarious montage made by PBS, my daughter, who is quite the budding artist, learned from Bob Ross that “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Her bedtime request last night was for a YouTube clip about art. I want her to remember this. I remember being blown away by his easy evergreen trees as child, and seeing her face take them in was priceless. Happy little clouds, my sweet girl. As Bob Ross said, “Believe that you can do it cause you can do it.”