Ballet on the Beach

I've done a lot of things on the beach.

When the kids were younger, we'd spend hours and hours digging.  It didn't matter what I was digging for, as long as I had a shovel in my hands, the girls were happy.

I remember making holes so big the entire family could sit in them - mom, dad, and all three kids.  We had sand-made chairs, couches and occasionally a table.  My kids would request bureaus and refrigerators.  "How about a Duncan Fife couch dad, like the one Great Grandma has?"  To them, there was nothing I couldn't construct out of wet, salty sand.

"Dad, make the hole deeper!"

"Dad, the moat for the castle is too small."

I felt like I was on a chain gang.  At the end of the day I'd take three Alleve and hit the sack by 8 pm.

This year was different.  The kids are older, spending more time on their own.  What they want to do now is sit in a chair and Instagram their friends all day.  My, how times have changed.  You know, I actually sort of miss the hard labor.

This year on the beach, I didn't dig.  No, instead, Michelle spent one afternoon teaching me her ballet moves.  Naturally, DJ had her iPhone on the beach so was able to capture the moment for posterity's sake.


As long as they keep asking, I'm pretty much up for anything!