Raleigh is Home

Ten days into our fourteen-day vacation and I’m beginning to long for home, despite the fact that our trip has been wonderful.

This summer has, in fact, been more wonderful than the past few (possibly due to the age of the kids and my relief from newfound freedom). The day-to-day occurrences, though, have felt very much the same as the day-in-day-out of regular old life.

For example:

1.      Children continue to require bathing, feeding, and nurturing.

2.       Keeping a schedule of activities ensures that no one is left bored or inactive.

3.      Mom is responsible for laundry, dishes, and other clean up.

4.      Grandmother cares for children when mom isn’t feeling well.

5.      The summer sun rises too early, and sets too late.

6.      Grace lives in flamingo pajamas.

7.      Sophie is happier half-naked.

8.      Both kids take turns whining.

9.      Mom is often tired.

10.  Sunscreen is necessary.

11.  Swimming is essential.

12.  Friends are friends for all the reasons we love them.

 With four more days to go, I want to make the final hours of this, “Summer Trip to Maine,”less about the things that are familiar and more about the things we’ll miss.


1.      Lobster rolls at any meal of our choosing.

2.      Children sleeping in bunk beds instead of co-sleeping with me (we might have to invest in bunk beds when we return).

3.      Afternoon rowing with cousins.

4.      A Trinity Chapel evening concert of rhythm and blues.

5.      Pizza dinner in the sand.

6.      Toys that seem new at the beginning of every visit.

7.      The gigantic new playground at Mother’s Beach.

8.      The sound of the tides, as the ocean waves tumble, all day long.

9.      Shovels and buckets in the wagon.

10.  Friends we won’t see for another year.


While trying to remain present in these final moments, I can’t help but think of all the things we’ll be happy to have back upon our return to Raleigh.


Such as:

1.      The neighborhood pool, there, and waiting to be used at our convenience.

2.      Whole Foods on Six Forks, and my favorite Kombucha in the front case.

3.      My beloved drive-through Starbucks on Strickland, and the girl who makes my soy, green-tea lattes (non classic, light foam).

4.      The red cardinal sin mom’s back yard, and the squirrels that eat out of the bird feeder in the neighbor’s yard.

5.      Air conditioning.

6.      AT&T wireless, and all of the shows I’ve missed (thank goodness for DVR’s).

7.      Forgotten toys in the playroom waiting to be rediscovered.

8.      My running path.

9.      Friends who we’ll get to see as much as we want for the rest of the year.


Life is what you make it.

Maine is where my heart is.

But Raleigh is calling me home.