Michelle and Me


Since the other two girls have been at camp for what feels like 8 months, Michelle and I have had a great deal of one-on-one time together. Tonight I said, "Your sisters come home next week. I can't wait!" She responded, "I don't want them to come home. Don't you like just our time together?"

I'll have to admit that although I can't wait to see DJ and Stephanie, spending time with Michelle is nothing but fun!

Last weekend we were in the car together for hours. These were some of the topics we covered:

Clouds: "Dad, at Science Camp today we learned about clouds."

"Oh. What did you learn?"

"Well, water evaporates and goes up into the sky and makes clouds. They get bigger and bigger and then when they get really, really full, they pee."

"Excuse me."

"Yeah. They pee."

"Your teacher said they pee?"

"No. That's just what I call it."

"So when I'm outside and it's raining, I'm really getting peed on?"

"Yea. By a really full cloud."

Chic Fil A: "Dad, if you were gay, would you work at Chic Fil A?"

Jokes: "Dad, know what rhymes with spoon?"


"No. Spoon."

Music: We played a little Selena Gomez, we played a little Prince. We like each other's music.

When one album cover popped up on the iPhone, I heard, "These guys look sketch."

"Who is it?" I inquired.

"These Doobie Brothers."

She was right, they did look sketchy.

Bathroom habits: "Dad, boys have it easy."

"Why do you say that?"

"They just have to stand to go to the bathroom. Did you know that Mae (her grandmother) wraps toilet paper around the seat and hovers?"

"She hovers?"

"Yea. All of us hover in a public bathroom, but Mae uses toilet paper too."

"Why won't you put your bare bottom on the seat?"

"That's gross!"

"You touch door handles after other people have touched them. It's all just skin."

"It's your BUTT skin dad."

Fast Food: "Dad, if you could pick a fast food dream team, what would it be?"

"I think Wendy's burgers, McDonald's fries, and a Chic Fil A milkshake."

Now that's a worthy conversation!