Three Year Olds

I love 3 year olds.  I particularly love one 3 year old, my little Pixie.  Three year olds have amazing imagination, boundless love, and are trying to find the line between independence and relying on mommy.  I just adore this time in my girls' lives.  
The year olds can:
Put on every item of clothing backwards, even some that I would have deemed physically impossible
Simultaneously cry and laugh
Create a complete imaginary world out of a few blocks and dolls
Fall asleep anytime anywhere, when they need it
Sleep without guilt and worry
Smile and say hello to everyone
Vent their anger with no shame or hesitation.
Give hugs to anyone at any time.
Believe in magic.
Adamantly state their own opinion and won't be swayed from it.
Learn new words every day.
Are amazed at their own learning, "Look what I can do."
Laugh at easy silliness.  How can pretending to tickle her and not even touch her be so funny?
Will claim everything as their own (my tree, my grocery store, my creek).
Cheer when you arrive home, even if it is just after a walk to the mailbox.
Are easily convinced to make anything into a game, from cleaning to brushing teeth. 
Last night, as Pixie slept, I went in to take a picture of her.  She was sleeping in that perfect little angel pose, with her hands under her cheek and her bow lips parted daintily.  I took the picture to keep with me and pull up when she is "Adamantly stating her opinion" or "Venting her anger with no shame or hesitation." During those times I need a visual reminder that there is another side to her.