Don't Forget to Schedule the Most Important Dr. Appointments of All, Yours!

Busy days for Heidi's family
Busy days for Heidi's family
Turns out I haven't been to the Dr's office in four years!  For myself that is.  Slightly embarrassing to realize this while filling in a new patient registration form yesterday.  One of the reasons for this is that we have moved country twice in three years.  Looking back now I realize that also meant losing my local Dr. whose regular check-up reminders always prompted the necessary visits.  Moving to the US also meant navigating the private insurance market and it was six months before we were on my husband's work insurance.  Prior to that we had an expensive, basic tourist insurance which took care of primarily emergency care only.  The first six months we were here we spent a small fortune on the required school immunizations and other check-ups the kids needed.  
In the past twelve months alone I got lost so many times around Tryon, Walnut and Kildaire Farm Roads, that I eventually learned my way around Cary thanks to frequent trips to various specialists for Cole's perforated ear drum and Madison's chronic sinus infection, both of which required  surgery in the Spring.  Between those appointments and also some physical therapy appointments for Madison, following a bad roller blading accident last October, I felt I had spent a lot of time at the Dr's office.  Even my husband had his turn getting some symptoms checked out and having a colonoscopy - it was a busy year!
All along I knew I needed to register myself with a Family Practitioner but there just always seemed to be something that came up that delayed it.  Then the summer was upon us and my thoughts turned to the fun-filled summer days ahead for all of us. 
Finally, thanks to my back to school planning calendar that I wrote about last week, and the prompt I was given by scheduling the kids various back to school immunizations and sports physicals I managed to schedule an appointment for my own check-up.   
I want to give a huge shout-out to Dr. Swapna Chenna and the team at Morrisville Primary Care and also the team at the Wake Med Cary Women's Pavilion.  Within 24 hours of me calling for a new patient registration appointment with Dr. Chenna, that was scheduled for the following morning (thank you Mary Kathryn) I was also referred to Wake Med and had been scheduled for a same-day diagnostic mammogram (thank you Tasha for getting me in on the same day and to Keila for taking me through the process and giving me all the information needed).  By the time I got home I had an appointment with a further specialist scheduled and a phone call from Dr. Chenna checking to see how I was and talk through the next steps.
I know I am not alone in moving around and getting so caught up in the day to day that the next thing you know a few years have flown by.  Let's just say I have learned my lesson, there is no point taking care of everyone else if you don't take care of yourself first.  So Moms and Dads out there who need to schedule an appointment of your own, whatever it is, take 15 minutes and do it now.

Next week I'll let you know how the follow-up appointment goes, now off to the kid's dentist appointments!