I survive on moments

So much of my life is hectic, frantic, loud, and on the move.  Seems that we are always living right on the edge of sanity.  I've been working full time the last three weeks and the mornings have been especially difficult.  It was the task of getting all four girls ready for their individual activities, as well as my and Tall One's lunches packed, breakfast for us all, and myself out the door by 7:15am.
What gets me though is the brief moments.  The moment when Sparky offers to help Ranger fix waffles.  The moment when Pixie walks out of her room with a soft sleepy face and reaches up for a snuggle.  Those are the moments that fuel me during the chaos.  
Sparky and Tall One have  a bit of a rocky relationship but the other morning Sparky walked up and hugged him and professed her love.  How long have we worked towards that?!?!?! That moment will endure.
As I ran around this evening straightening the house while we waited for dinner to arrive (Yay Grandparents!) I listened to Ya-ya offer to help Sparky clean her room.  That 15 second conversation I overheard will give me another month of hope for their sometimes strained relationship.
When dinner arrived and I asked Kate to turn off the computer to come eat, and she did it, without a long drawn out tantrum as has become all too regular, it was a moment to treasure. 
Sleeping kids are always a moment that brings me peace.  I once had a friend tell me that when you are angry with your kids, remember what they look like asleep.  Its true, every kid looks adorable and lovable sleeping.   
I don't need much, I don't need perfect behavior or a sparkling clean house, I just need a few seconds of calm and cooperation to be my moments of grace that are like a deep breath for my soul.