Start-of-school blues

Think your kids are bummed out about summer drawing to a close? Try being a teacher. Or at least, in my case, being married to one.


My husband loves his job, but he also loved the relaxed pace of summer, and we loved having him around to make usually mundane stuff like trips to the grocery store and doctor's office waiting rooms more fun.


It's not like he loafed around all summer -- it's pretty close to impossible to be a public school teacher around here and not have a second job (don't get me started …), so he had a part-time summer gig. But it was part-time enough that he was home for lunch almost every day and left late enough in the morning to be part of the wake-up routine.


We took trips the park, went to the zoo and walked the dog to his heart's content. Nora learned how to pedal her tricycle, catch a ball and draw with sidewalk chalk. We made a daily routine of after-lunch popsicles on the back deck.


But pretty soon (way TOO soon), I spotted back-to-school sales in all the stores. I saw a bus making a practice run through our neighborhood. And I knew that the fun was nearing an end.

My husband went back to school officially last week, with the first teacher workday, and has been hard at work this week getting ready for the students' first day coming Monday.


Me, I'm still in denial. It's a shock to have to have an audience again when I'm using the bathroom, and now I have to do the grocery shopping and wrangle a toddler alone? Sigh.


It's back to the old routine, just when we were getting used to a more relaxed new one.


I know when Nora's older (say, school age) I'll be delighted about the first day of school. But for now it marks the sad end to a very happy summer, and I wish I could have just a few more popsicle afternoons with the whole family.