Mahna Mahna

One of the great things about having kids is being able to share all the stuff you loved as a child with them.


There's a picture of me from my childhood, blissed out on the back porch with a purple popsicle at maybe 2 or 3 years old. I think about that photo every time Nora and I sit out back with popsicles now. It was good stuff then, and it's good stuff now. And purple is still my favorite.


Lately, Nora has gotten into watching "Sesame Street," a preference I wholeheartedly endorse, both because of the quality of the programming and the fact that it means we're steering away from "Dora the Explorer." A lot has changed on "Sesame Street" (Elmo, I'm sorry; I will never accept you), but there's a lot that's comfortingly familiar. Gordon, Maria and Bob still make some appearances, and each show is still brought to you by the letter … whatever. Now that's some marketing to children I can get behind.


While I got a little work done at home the other day, Nora asked if she could watch "Sesame Street" on my phone, which means a video of a short segment, usually music. We watched Feist's ode to counting and the number four, one of our mutual favorites. And at the end, I noticed one of the "You might also like …" recommendations was for the old "Mahna Mahna" segment. You know the one.


So we watched that one, and, as always, it made me laugh out loud. And it made Nora laugh out loud, too. And it was just a great moment of being able to share something together that's pure and simple. And hilarious.


Sure, there's a generation gap between parents and their children, and rightly so. It's a little creepy when you encounter a mom who loves Justin Bieber as much as her tween does, and not ironically either. But there are some things that delight at any age, and that's the stuff loving bonds and lasting memories are made of.


(On a side note, after watching the "Sesame Street" Mahna Mahna segment about 80 billion times, Nora and I had worked up quite a duet, so I decided to record it. What you'll see here is 32 seconds of pure, unchoreographed silly. Enjoy!)