This Autumn Find Your Balance

Beautiful Colors of Autumn Leaves
Beautiful Colors of Autumn Leaves
The weekend marked the official start of the Autumn season.  My website changes each season as a reminder to help me stay focused on the now and also to appreciate what each season has to teach us.  My theme this Autumn, is finding your balance, and it is especially important to me this year as I am going through breast cancer treatment.  I am very aware that last year, in the midst of settling my family into a new country, I lost my balance and neglected to register myself with a local Dr. and also neglected my regular exercise regime.  
I was extremely lucky in that by the time I did finally register myself with a local Dr. my cancer was at stage 3 but it had not spread further.  Had I waited any longer I may not have the amazing prognosis I have today.  During the last few years that I hadn't been to a Doctors appointment for myself I had done a lot of things that really could have waited.  What I have realized is that like a lot of people I am great at prioritizing external demands and not so great at prioritizing demands for myself.  
This experience has made me focus on saying "no" so that I can say "yes" to something else more important, my overall health and healing process.  Over the last few weeks this has been an interesting reflection exercise as I put off responding to emails to make sure that I get a morning walk or bike ride in.  I literally had to talk myself into this over the course of getting everyone to school one morning two weeks ago and convince myself that "yes, those emails really can wait!"  That I feel guilty for not volunteering to be a class parent in my son's class even though I have been told I need to stay away from infections during my chemotherapy treatment.  Why do I feel like I am letting someone down when there are 20+ other parents who can volunteer and I have volunteered other years when I was more able to?  
It has truly been enlightening to be forced to work through this and I know, in talking to other parents, that I am not alone in putting external demands before our own internal ones.  So this Autumn think about what you can say "no" to so that you can say "yes" to finding the balance that will allow you to harvest all that the season has to offer.