The Vine

My kids are always grabbing my computer, iPad or phone. Often they use them for legitimate reasons, like finding directions or where the movie is playing. At other times, mine just happens to be the most convenient device. They don’t much like to walk.

The other day I was checking my phone and opened The Vine. Yes, I have The Vine account because I am the father of teens, and I want to make sure they aren't sending videos of their naked behind to some boy from their AP physics class. More probable, with my cute and fairly well-behaved daughters, is that some boy will send them a picture of his naked bum - and I want proof so I can drive to his house and show his mother.

The Vine allows users to take 7 second videos and ship them out for the world to see. It’s just plain scary.

Lord have mercy if Deloris Piffle had video taped me at her Freshman college sorority dance. I was a senior in high school and some dude named Neil Wine gave me his fake I.D. so that we could all get into Daddio's after the party. I memorized everything on the license, I think he lived at 1419 Park Drive in Columbus, Ohio. Weight: 173. Height: 5'11". I think I was drinking white wine spritzers. It was a good lesson.

Anyway, I opened The Vine the other day and started scrolling through the videos on my account, one after another. But I noticed that it wasn’t actually my account – because the only people I follow on The Vine are DJ and Stephanie and I had videos from folks I’d never met before.

It dawned on me that Stephanie had used my phone to log into her account. And… she hadn’t logged off.

I’m sure there was a good reason for her to use my phone. Her’s was probably on the far side of the coffee table and mine on the side closest to her. Would have required a reach and that takes a lot of energy.

So to help reiterate my point that you should not use other's technology, I decided to create my own Vine, and post it under her account for all of her followers (including every 8th grader at St. Timothy's School) to view.


Perhaps that’s a bad example. I tell them never to post things on someone else’s account. And yet, I also tell them to be careful when using their TeleInstaChattyGram (there's a new one every week, I can't keep up with the names) because some crazy person could post something that might look bad for them.

And that’s exactly what has happened. Some crazy person (me) posted something that could have been a teeny bit embarrassing. Hopefully, lesson learned.