Do Really Skinny Women Eat?

I certainly did not eat like a bird when eating the cuisine of talented Chef Adam Rose of Il Palio in Chapel Hill.
I certainly did not eat like a bird when eating the cuisine of talented Chef Adam Rose of Il Palio in Chapel Hill.

I’ve got a BIG birthday coming up at the end of the year.  And it seems I’m getting a little early birthday present, called weight gain.

Let me just go ahead and say that I’m not overweight. I’m in my weight range for my height of 5’3, but I’m having trouble keeping weight off this year for the first time in my life. I know I’m not alone. I Google a lot, and many women have this same issue around middle age.  Forty-four has been my toughest year for the battle of the bulge in my mid-section, which is new for me.

For those of you who follow my online blog, you know that I went on a Denise Austin eating plan for two weeks and lost five pounds.  I didn’t really starve, but I had to cut out a lot of calories. A lot.  I haven’t done a blog update for the second half of the plan yet, but let’s just say that I didn’t lose another pound. I didn’t follow the plan exactly.  I cheated on Denise with some weight watcher recipes.  I ate out a lot, but watched my calorie intake while doing so, and I added alcohol to my diet. Despite all of that, I maintained my weight.  I didn’t lose an additional pound, but I didn’t gain, either.  I kept the five pounds off.

It was a valuable lesson for me.  I now know that watching calories and staying active has to be a part of my life, or I will gain weight. 

I’m still not back to my goal weight of 128, which was my weight before summer. I need to lose 3 more pounds to achieve that goal, and I don’t know if I can do it now, honestly.

I used to have an overweight cat, and the vet always wanted him on a diet. Seriously, we used to measure the cat’s food. We could only give him 3/10 of a measuring cup each feeding. It was pathetic. The more we withheld the cat’s food, the angrier he would become. He got mean. He would hide behind walls and bite my ankles.

He was pissed.  I don’t blame him.

I now know why.

Cutting out calories is hard. I was down to 1,200 a day to lose five pounds.

During the second half of the plan, when I was supposed to eat 1,500 calories a day, I went to a luncheon at the Siena Hotel to celebrate Vietri’s 30th anniversary. Our outstanding three-course meal was prepared by the talented chef Adam Rose of Il Palio.  I looked around at the really skinny women in attendance, and they ate like BIRDS. 

BIRDS, I tell you. BIRDS.  These people paid $55 a person to eat two bites of one of the best meals I had all week.  Their plates looked like they were barely touched.  And they paid $55 to eat nothing?

I am not going to live my life that way. No siree, Bub! That is not happening.  I ate my entire fabulous salad. I did not eat all of my pasta, but I sure ate more than two bites, and I ate half of my Tiramisu.  I refrained from eating the whole dessert, even though I could have devoured it in less than two minutes. It was delicious.

I will do my best not to become overweight as I age because health is important, but I am not going to live my life eating like a bird.

My mom keeps sending me articles that inform me that lattes make you fat. For the last time, Mom, I order skinny lattes with fewer calories, but I now know I can't overdo it. 

The bottom line is if I cut out good food, great coffee, and alcohol in my daily life, then I would become just like my angry cat.

I would hide behind walls and attack people who had yummy food on their plates.

Yes, the beast is in all of us.  The smart ones just know that we need to keep feeding it.