Parenting Prose & Chocolate Woes

Being straightforward comes with the parenting territory.  It’s a trait that every parent must excel at if a good dinner is to be eaten before dessert, if the kibosh on running in the house is necessary, if homework is to be accomplished, if chores are to be complete, if children are to arrive before the tardy bell rings, if every tooth is to be brushed, if junior is to arrive at his soccer game with his cleats laced tightly and shinguards affixed properly, if laundry is to make its way to the heap, etc.  Parents speak an ordinary language, but sometimes their kids simply just don’t understand.  The Fresh Prince may think otherwise, and in a time long before I had children I thought like him.  The grueling miscommunication and misunderstanding that can exist between a parent and child is truly not either party's fault.  Our kids won’t understand 50% of what we say until they themselves are parents someday (that statistic is compliments of my imagination but I believe it to be accurate).

As Forrest Gump’s mama always said, “…life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.”  Life for our children would be so much less daunting if they could actually grasp what Forrest’s mama taught him.  Forrest was an adult on a bench striking up conversations with random strangers when he finally got it.  Children are so gosh darn innocent, and the world through their eyes is an innocent place wherein innocence lives forever.   This is just not the case in reality, and it’s downright rattling for a parent.  Some lives are nutty, sticky like nougat even, some are bittersweet, some have fruits thrown in, some are dark yet can be smooth, and yet some are laced with hints of flavors just for fun and everyone questions their composition .   All of these lives are intertwined.

Our lives may be an assortment of truffles, bars, chips, and what not, but at the end of the day we humans are all in the same box.  We parents are in an even smaller box inside that box.  We share a language that’s all our own, a language our children often do not comprehend.  We must rely on one another for support & combine our ingredients so as to create something unique, something uplifting (much like a chocolate fix).

Great.  Now, I need chocolate.  Anyone?  Need a little help here…