Visualization for Super Success – The Halloween Version

Losing teeth around Halloween creates a Sophie-O-Lantern!
Losing teeth around Halloween creates a Sophie-O-Lantern!

Last week I attended a network-marketing meeting with a group of women business owners in Raleigh. The highlight of the meeting was a ten-minute presentation by a former teacher who uses the power of visualization to guide her toward her goals (business and otherwise).


The visualization we were led through went something like this…

Close your eyes. Think about your fear(or the thing that’s problematic) as a flaming red ball of light. Then, imagine your success as a bright blue light enveloping the red, snuffing out the fire of fear.


Unlike meditation,where the mind is meant to be quiet, visualization is active, more suitable to a working mom who would really appreciate an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. It’s also way less annoying than attempting to sit quietly in a meditative state, only to think harder about the time that is being wasted and, “Forget this… I really need to get to the grocery store.”


This kind of thinking is totally against the principles of the practice, which is why (for me) its appeal has fallen flat.


With Halloween around the corner, pumpkins on every stoop, and my children who’ve been dropping teeth at an alarming rate (human jack-o-lanterns), my visualization has turned spooky.


Humor me, because here I go.


I’m wearing my mother’s traditional Halloween hat; a black cap covered in layers of black tulle, adorned with crawling, fabric spiders. My black-gloved fingers are spread wide, vibrating from the many things that they hold at home base,a set of deeply lined palms.


Like a spider building her web, my twitchy fingers shoot out silky threads toward the things that will happen, because I say they will.


A pinky thread reaches for a fast trip to the post office.


A ring finger web spirals toward that client that needs to get on board.


Threads of determination from each finger grabbing onto the article that’ll be written, the plane ticket that’ll be booked, the dermatologist visit that’ll go well, the lipstick order that the studio will buy, the children that will come home from school happy and loving and who for one blessed night will not fight… with… each… other.


It may not be as calm and focused as blue light absorbingred.


But ‘tis the season, fellow spiders.


Happy Halloween!