If your kids are like mine, then I’m sure you can’t count on your own two hands how many kidisms your kids have made in their lifetime.   They truly do say the darnedest things that just keep us smiling and make this often daunting job of parenting amusing.  For instance, just a couple days ago my daughter was off in her own little world where she typically likes to hang out,and she randomly stated, "Someday when I have a baby it is going to be a girl baby, and I’m going to name her Lily."  My son who generally prefers to 1-up his little sis with semi-cruel, witty quips replied to her statement by shouting, "You can’t just have a baby! You have to be married first!"

Amen, son. Tell her.

You can imagine how hard I had to grin and bear their dialogue.  I've learned no longer to giggle at such kidisms.  They're sensitive to my giggles.  My giggles crush their little light bulb moments and lead them to claim that I am "laughing at them."  This is not the case and defending my giggles is impossible.  I assure you, dear reader, I do not laugh at my kids.  I am frequently merely amused by the conclusions they draw, and their banter is entertaining sometimes, too.  Well, the banter is entertaining when I don't incur an excruciating headache from playing the role of referee.

When our eldest was a tiny tot and allowed to try root beer (due to it's lack of caffeine we deemed it an okay first soda selection) he insisted on calling it "root beard." We asked him why it has that name, and his reply was, "Drinking root beard will make my beard grow like Daddy's."  At the time, Daddy did have his winter beard.  We thought root beard was downright cute and just let him continue calling it that for a while.  

We still haven't corrected our daughter's propensity to refer to Parmesan Cheese as "Papa John Cheese."  How could we?  It's perfect.  I like it even better than it's real name.

I took a tour through some of my previous Facebook status updates posted during their toddler years in an effort to compile some of my kids' kidisms, and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.  I hope they make you smile the way they make me smile, and feel free to giggle, because my kids can't hear you!  Also, feel free to share some of your kids' kidisms here.   I always need a good giggle:

  • Son: "Mommy, is Uncle Jackson a girl?"
Me: "Michael Jackson was a man."
Son: "No, I don't think so. He's a girl."
Me: "Why do you think that?"
Son: "Because he wears some silly dress & looks like a girl, but I like his songs."
  • Love that my two year old just told me to "be good" as I was departing for a fun filled weekend with Josh. I told that smart girl, "I'll try!"
  • Dear Dora,
Just wanted to make you're aware that my daughter answers all of your uncomfortable, unnecessarily long pauses. So, you can shorten them a tad.
  • Son: What are those, Mom?
Me: They're called Japanese Beatles.
Daughter: We all live in a yellow submarine!
  • Me: You are such a cutie pie!
Son:  I am not a cutie pie. Mommy, you are a cutie pie. I AM A THOMPSON!
  • This morning my son said this to me: "I am going to say 'trick-or-treat' to Santa Claus and get lots of presents!"
  • Began our trek to Buffalo at 4:30 a.m., and our son's already had some randomly brilliant quotables:
  1. "It's early, and I am not grumpy. Well, maybe a little."
  2. "Look, no one is awake in our neighborhood. Only the people in China, right Dad?"
  3. "Good thing we're leaving this early, because no cars are on the road, and we can speed fast to the airport."
  4. "In the South Pole people hunt with arrows for penguins and walruses, and they only have water ice to drink."
  5. "Chick-fil-a is delicious."