So many Sarahs

"Guess what, Nora," I said to my 3-year-old over breakfast last Saturday. "Miss Sarah is coming to visit us tonight!"


She paused over her oatmeal and thought for a second.


"The Miss Sarah who got married?" she asked.


"Oh, no, sweetie. This is a different Miss Sarah."


"The Miss Sarah at the library?"


"Uh, no."


"Miss Sara from Dada's work?"




You can't blame the girl for being confused. We know a lot of Sara/Sarahs, all of them wonderful people. And in a strange confluence of the threads of fate, we've spent time with nearly all of them in person in the last few weeks.


I know how the kid feels. On my first day of work at a previous job, my boss, Steve, took me around and introduced me to folks I'd be working with. The first one I met was also named Steve. So were two more. And then I met two Bills, right in a row. I really wondered if I was being hazed in some strange way. But the upside was that in those first few days, when I forgot any male co-worker's name, chances were I could call them Steve and be correct.


This week, I'm thinking about all the Sara/Sarahs and Steves and Bills and all the other dear friends in my life (and Nora's life) and feeling thankful to know them all. I'm thankful that we get to see them every now and then, and I'm thankful that Facebook or email or phone calls can fill in the gaps between visits.


Amid all the turkey and football and avoiding talking politics today, I hope you'll take time to give thanks, like the name of the holiday urges, for friends and family and all the things that make life good. Happy Thanksgiving!