Why Everyone Should go to Disney

Leigh's daughter meets Cinderella for the first time. That moment was magic.
Leigh's daughter meets Cinderella for the first time. That moment was magic.

What is it about a Disney vacation? As soon as you get home, you want to plan the next one.

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! Disney has a way of making you want to continue to go. You all may laugh, especially after reading my last column complaining about all the pre-planning.  Other than the usual minor parental frustrations that involve children, our trip went off as planned and was fantastic.

You could even call it magical.

Priceless memories, really!

We were able to get a FastPass through our MagicBands to see Cinderella, and it was certainly a highlight of the trip.

Yes, we waited in lines. We fought crowds, and we even argued about what to do next.  Yes, we even told our son that if he didn’t shape up that we were going to put him in the babysitting service while we enjoyed the parks without him.  And yes, we had to pull the little one up off the floor after her brother got to the elevator button before she did.

However, when you get home, those pesky little memories fade, and all you can truly remember is the wonderful time you had in the happiest place on earth.

As you know, I typically concentrate on luxury hotels in my travel writing, but for this piece I’m going to throw all of that out the window and say that Disney is affordable to everyone. Whether you stay off-property, in a Disney value resort, or in the most expensive deluxe resort on property, your vacation will be magical. I promise you that. The final vacation bill will be different, but in the end, it will all be magical.

I do recommend, though, if you stay on the Disney property, invest in the Disney Dining Plan.  No question, it will save you money. Disney offers free dining with vacation packages several times a year, and if you can book during that time, it certainly is a bonus. That happened to us this time, and the savings were great.

A dinner for four for Princess dining in Norway was $190, not including a tip, so we were very thankful we had the dining plan as part of our vacation. We left that restaurant just paying for the tip and any alcoholic beverages we consumed.

We just have one minor problem following the vacation though. We bought just one Mickey Mouse to bring home. Our daughter chose Baby Minnie instead, but it seems she has changed her mind. She is crying for our son's Mickey. 

We told her she needed to ask Santa.  So, I guess we'll see more of the mouse in our future. 

We had such a good time on this trip that I'm telling my mother-in-law that we all should go for her next milestone birthday. I told her we could all wear buttons. 

She thinks I'm joking. 

I'm not. 

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