Get back, JoeJoe

Rose's elf is back on his shelf.
Rose's elf is back on his shelf.

Ahhh…our beloved Elf on the Shelf named JoeJoe is back.  I may be just as excited as my kids that he is present for duty and reporting to jolly old Saint Nick on all of my kids’ nice and naughty behavior.


When we awoke the day after Thanksgiving to find that he had returned to our bustling home after his calm hiatus at the North Pole, my seven year old promptly pointed out that he misspelled his name in the glitter that he lovingly left behind on our mantle (for Mom to clean up).  My son showed me in the book where we recorded JoeJoe’s name last year when Santa made the special delivery to our doorstep containing this little sneaky sprite and his official book.  JoeJoe, how could you misspell your name?  My son seems to think you were in a hurry!  I agree with him.


I can’t wait to see all the places JoeJoe will hide out in our home over the course of this month.  He sure is fun to seek out (or so my kids say).  In fact it’s so fun for them that they have deemed it necessary to wake up an extra hour or more early in the morning to find this guy and to wake up dear hubby, their siblings, and I from our long winters’ naps with shouts of excitement.  Sigh…


I’m glad you’re here, JoeJoe.  Don’t get me wrong.  After a month of your shenanigans which I am sure will involve messes in the kitchen, toilet paper, midnight hot cocoa making, green potty water, rides in Barbie’s convertible, candy cane fishing, possibly more glitter, etc., I’ll also be glad when you “get back, JoeJoe.”