My Favorite End of Year Reflection Activity

A number of years ago when I was a human resources director in London I hired an executive coach to work with our management team during a time of transition.  Interestingly enough, in addition to focusing on aspects of our professional lives, many of us focused our time with him on parts of our personal lives that we didn't feel were where we wanted them to be.  


I clearly remember being focused on the fact that I was not on top of the clutter in our very small townhouse and was amazed at the amount of mental space that this took up.  Another aspect was the amount of quality time I was able to spend with our children at the time.  One of the activities that he had me work on was a Win, Learn, Change reflection.  I have continued to use this both professionally with my own clients, with my children when they are experiencing a challenging time, as well as in my own personal life.  


I love the Win, Learn, Change reflection because it is a positive, forward thinking feedback loop that can really turn around our thinking on a given situation.  In addition it is a fast way to reflect on an entire year and to see what really remains at the forefront of your mind.  It also helps you to focus on the bigger picture versus getting stuck in the detail.


So here is my Win, Learn, Change reflection for 2013:




- The house move has allowed us to live in a space that is better suited to our family dynamics.  

- The kids have all enjoyed their extracurricular activities and I have seen new sides to each one as a result.

- My breast cancer treatment is almost over and am proud of my proactive, positive attitude, which has really helped.




- Never put off your own doctor appointments.

- Self care is not selfish; it is a priority and allows you to be more present.

- My husband makes great meals, let him do it more often.




- More self care in 2014.

- Plan a few more trips to the beach this Spring and Summer.

- Make more time to relax together as a family in the evening.


Cheers to an eventful 2013 filled with plenty of learning experiences and to a more enlightened 2014!