My ramble on resolutions

I typically don’t make New Year resolutions simply because I know I won’t keep them.  It’s not because I am lazy or forgetful (well, maybe I am).  I think it’s just because a resolution would be one more thing on my overflowing plate, and I don’t need it to prove to myself that I can do something if I want to.  If I have to recall my resolution to lose weight every time I put a fork into my mouth, then I will just drive myself batty.  I’ll miss too much of this life if I solely focus on resolving to be different.  Why not embrace who I am instead of being so gosh darned determined to change? 


I’d like to make up my mind to lose some weight, but honestly I am happy in my skin even if it is flabby in the middle and starting to wrinkle and sag.  I like to cook.  I like restaurants way too much.  I like to generously season and taste what I cook or what I pay others to prepare for me.  I will seek out more healthy foods, but I must resolve to also enjoy this palate I have.  It’s been years since I have been able to admit that I am happy with who I am.  Sure, I am self-conscious – who isn’t – but being that way just results in one thing - wasted time.  We are only given so much on this earth why waste it being so down on ourselves?


I am particularly happy at this juncture in my life even if I am on the dark side of thirty, and I know I am lucky to be able to say that.  I am happy to simply share a life with someone I madly love surrounded by our three sometimes feral children that amaze us everyday.  I am happy to accept where we are, learn more about why we are here, and stand in awe over the purpose behind this life.


I have made up my mind to let no one take my happiness from me.  Maybe this is my resolution.  This past year has been full of some really crappy stuff in the world and even in our own little corner of the world there’s been too much heartache to handle.  Through it all I have made a conscious effort to remain happy and to try to keep those I care about happy, too.  Lives void of the light of life – happiness – are dreadful and contagious.  I guess I’m resolving to cut the negative fat and to keep darkness out of my life, a life I am so grateful to have been given and one that I refuse to take for granted.  I have been blessed with so many others that fill my heart with smiles and life with happiness, too.  Shine on in 2014, happy people.