The Sugar Plums Are Finally Dancing

How do you prefer to spend your evenings when the kids are tucked in and finally have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads?  Most nights do you find yourself wandering aimlessly to and fro picking up the remnants of the day and doing chores that seem never ending?  Do you struggle to turn off the day’s loose ends in your brain?  Do you sit down with your spouse and have nightly chats about the highs and lows of your days?  Do you just long to hit the bed and crash for as many uninterrupted hours as humanly possible?

I prefer enjoying mindless fluff on the tube with my dear hubby.   It’s something that we both look forward to.   It’s our respite from the world, the chaos of our bustling home, the juggling of our schedules, and the imbalance of reality!   We do talk about our days when we need to.   We first take care of the chores that will eat at our undiagnosed OCD’s if we don’t, such as my constant nagging need for an empty kitchen sink.   While we watch whatever mind numbing series of the moment that we have been roped into, we sort of tune out everything else and spend time with each other. 

Is watching television quality time?   Yes, I believe it is. We are fortunate to enjoy a lot of the same things, so anytime we have together verges on quality time in my book.   Don’t get me wrong we don’t get this opportunity every night as we have a lot of commitments that carry us away from one another on a regular basis.   So when we have TV time together it’s taken seriously.   Thus, I must depart my blog for the couch.   It’s calling my name and so is my dear hubby.