An age-old question

The other day I made some quip about life with a toddler, and my husband corrected me.


“You know, she’s really not a toddler anymore. I think she’s officially a preschooler,” he said. And by gum, he’s right (just this once).


The Internets tell me that “toddler” is generally defined as a child aged 1 to 3 years. Nora’s pushing 4, so she’s been a “preschooler” for quite some time. I just didn’t get the memo.


I’ve had this problem before. When, I remember wondering, does a baby stop being a newborn and start being an infant? The Internets are less helpful on this one. Medically, a baby less than 28 days old is a newborn, and then an infant from that point until toddlerdom hits. More casually, some folks use 3 months as the age for a transition in terms.


It’s enough to make your head spin. So we’ve gone through four titles (newborn, infant, toddler, preschooler) in less than four years? It really just underscores how quickly time flies, when you look at it from a distance.


In a year or so, Nora will graduate from “preschooler” to … whatever comes next. The Internets are almost no help at all on that one. School-age child? Early childhood? Post-preschooler? Pre-pre-tween?


Like so many things in life, I guess there’s no real need to put a name to it. She’s a kid and we’ve got a few good years of that left. My plan is to do my best to cherish every age, no matter what you call it.