Mommy Numerology

1 = the cold cup of coffee that started my day


12 = the number of times the new puppy has been walked today


0 = proud report of pet accidents for said day


5 = the number of times I said, “Put on your shoes and coats.  It’s time for school” this morning


174 = the amount of dollars I charged at Target for things that help this home function and feed my family…sigh…


23 = seemingly the number of times I said, “Stop fooling around back there” or “Cut it out” to the gaggle of five children in my mommy bus post-carpool.  The bus that looks like a clown car as these kids filter in and hold up the line every day whilst teachers understandably sigh and I attempt to lighten the mood with “Hey, ya got one more for me?  I can take one more kid.  There’s an empty seat here.”  Yeah, they don’t like that.


4 = the number of times I said, “I said, ‘It’s homework time!’”


3 = the number of different meals I made for dinner due to hubby being in a meeting (quesadilla for two, soup for one, and gluttonous, sad nachos for mom)


1 = the number of times I acquiesced and allowed for dessert


6 = the number of times I said, “Come on, kids; it’s bath time!”


60 = the number of little fingernails & toenails I attempted to clip in one fell swoop, because that’s a job Daddy has been terrified of since #1 was born 7.5 years ago 


17 = seemingly the number of times I said, “Stop horsing around, and put on your pajamas.”


3 = the number of children who enjoy streaking that God has delivered to me as payback thanks to my childhood days of pajama refusal


1 = the number of door slams by an angered child that ensued due to nightly post-bath hysteria


1 = the number of toothbrushes broken in said door slamming incident


1 = the number of outbursts by a child due to said broken toothbrush


45 = an impressive number of pages read during bed time stories tonight


3 = the number of kisses I gave to each child


1 = the number of bear hugs that I engulfed each child in before the lights went out


3 = the number of reciprocated bear hugs that made all the gloomy parts of the day feel so worthwhile


9 = the # of teeth the Tooth Fairy has had to remember to collect & pay for THUS FAR 


1 = the tooth she shall collect tonight that came out after days of twisting & pulling


That said, I am off to dig something out of my cashless wallet…gulp…