Valentine's Day hints

The day of love is coming up. Since I cover luxury hotels, my inbox has been full of press releases on the latest news for Valentine’s Day from romantic dinners to chocolate spa treatments.

The Siena Hotel is even offering special Valentine’s Day lunches. If you remember from my column several years ago, I’m a big fan of lunch dates because I can’t stay awake at night any more.

We finally got the kids to bed the other night, and I gave my oldest gray-haired Valentine a little smooch and told him that I worked all day writing up Valentine stories for my new travel beat on .

He said, “We haven’t made any plans for that.”

I know he was hoping that the thought that he mentioned Valentine’s would count a lot.

It did.

I said it would be too hard to get a sitter, and that I need to go visit a hotel soon for a story that I’m going to be writing for the Spring issue of the magazine for Skimbaco Lifestyle.  

He got a pass for trying to make plans.

He’s also a smart cookie. He knows what I told him is code for some money will be coming out of his pocket in some way soon, and he won’t get off that easy.

However, there is one little Valentine gift that would be really sweet this year in hindsight.

We have well water, and our refrigerator water filter fills up and clogs more quickly than we would like.

You can buy the darn things only at a special store like Sears, and they are not cheap.  They may cost more than roses this time of year.

But after a few months of filling my water bottle up with something less than a trickle, I would be delighted to see a new water filter sooner rather than later.  I’m not drinking as much water as I should these days because of the slow trickle. 

I’m starting to bloat because of my lack of water intake. 

And there is nothing sexy about bloating.

Cupid may want to go to Sears. Fresh, filtered water does the body good.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?  Well, roses would make the water filter more attractive.