You Can Do Anything for 20 Minutes

Earlier this year, Adrienne Shubin, founder of the blog The Rich Life on a Budget, told her readers that she is tackling projects by setting a timer for 20 minutes.  It was insightful and great advice. I am personal friends with Adrienne, so we have chatted a lot on social media about the concept and how it is a benefit to one in accomplishing her goals. 

Some people like my husband, who needs no motivation to do anything, probably would not understand the value of this timer thing. We have a snow day. He cleans out closets.  I, on the other hand, make hot cocoa and let hours pass. He doesn’t need a 20-minute rule to do anything. In fact, he may need a 20-minute rule in order to do something fun.  So, if you are like my hubs, then you can close this post and go on to the next one. I’ll try to be more exciting next week. 

But if you are more like Adrienne and me, then I think you may like this 20-minute rule.  Adrienne uses her 20 minutes to do something she has been putting off such as a chore.  When the timer goes off, she can either continue with the project or do something else that she would rather do.  It’s important to note that you can use the 20-minute rule many times throughout the day. 

I’ve been using it to fold laundry, empty the dishwasher, and even get started on exercise. I actually exercise longer than 20 minutes, but it’s kind of the motivator I need to get me out of my writing mode in order to do something physical.  Each time, I usually complete my task and it makes me feel as if I have accomplished something. 

It has helped me tremendously with time management.  It’s so simple, yet brilliant. 

Guess what? The timer is about up, and I finally finished this week’s column.  Try it. I think you will like it.

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