Party Planning

Nora has been talking about her birthday party for months now. Which might lead you to believe it’s right around the corner, but, well, it’s in April. So maybe the corner it’s around is vaguely coming into view now, off in the hazy distance, but it’s still not quite what I’d call “here.” But try telling that to a 3- (almost 4-)year-old.


Here are the things she knows:


1) She wants a bike for her birthday. OK, no sweat, she’s definitely outgrowing her toddler tricycle, so it seems like time for a bike. But what color? This part of her vision changes from day to day. Purple with sparkles! Orange! Blue! The one at the red store (that’s Target). I don’t know how Santa handles this level of equivocation from kids all around the world every Christmas, but it’s driving mama and daddy nuts.


2) She wants her party at “the bouncy house place.” Sigh. Expensive. But the upside to her certainty in this matter (and to her laying the groundwork starting before Thanksgiving) is that we’ve had time to save up a little dough to make this happen. 


Of course, no one told us that parents should similarly begin the birthday party planning ludicrously early. Our local bouncy house place was dangerously close to being booked up for the dates we were eyeing in April when I checked this week. “This week” being mid-February. “This week” being about 7 or 8 weeks before the big day. What kind of parent is together enough to plan that far ahead? Oh, is that you raising your hand, Supermom? Sigh.


But we snagged a time slot for the big day, and soon enough we’ll be surreptitiously bike shopping (and trying to figure out where to hide a bike, come to think of it). As long as we remember to bring the cupcakes, party success is ensured. The day of the grand event, we can sit back, relax, and start planning for next year.