How Quickly Children Forget (Or Do They?)

Some of my best conversations are with my kids on the way to school.  Some days the car ride is pure torture with screams and bickering among the two in the backseat, but some days it can be rather enjoyable. The conversations are totally random. That is when they are the best. 

For some reason, little ones want to wish their lives away. On this day, my youngest wanted to know when her birthday would be again because she just can’t wait to turn 5. 

My response was that we had to get through spring and summer first, and for her to take time to just enjoy the age she is now.  

“Life is short. Enjoy it. “

So much for that profound advice! That, of course, led the two to talk about how they are looking forward to Christmas.  

There was babbling in the backseat. I tuned it out because I was singing “Royals” by Lorde.  But I was soon thrown back into the conversation. 

“Mom, Liza doesn’t remember what she got for Christmas!” remarked Jack. 

“How quickly one forgets,” I added. “Santa may not want to bring as much this year.” 

My son told her that she got Melanie, a new doll. It’s juvenile, but I help name her dolls.  If not, we would have 42 animals and dolls named Cinderella, 32 named Ariel, and 22 named Sleeping Beauty.  Let’s be unique and throw a Melanie into the mix. 

All of a sudden she rattled off all the items she got for Christmas, even down to one orange. 

I giggled. I forgot he brought an orange for their stockings.

I said, “You remember the orange!”

“Yes!” she said quickly, probably with an eye roll. “I didn’t ask for an orange.”

“Why on earth does Santa bring oranges?” said Jack. 

“I don’t know. Perhaps he wants you to eat healthy things.”  It seemed like a logical answer to me. 

“Yeah, but he also brought us Santa-shaped Twix.” 

Do these kids not forget anything?  

This conversation quickly got out of my comfort level.  What’s wrong with Santa bringing an orange? It’s better than grapes, right? He’s got to fill that stocking somehow.