For 16 years I've dreaded the day my kids go to college. How in the heck did the junior year get here so quickly?

Don't get me wrong. I want them to grow up, and I want them to experience the world. I just want to be there when they do so.

I do think that God prepares you. DJ isn't really home that much anymore. It's more rare for her to actually make the family dinner than to not. And, frankly, there are times she's just not as much fun to be around as she used to be. She barely snuggles anymore, she gets most angry when tickled and don't even try blowing her stomach.

Regardless, I want her to find a school that she absolutely loves. And if it is Meredith College, three blocks from our house, SUPER! And if it is a six-hour drive, so be it. I ain't taking her anywhere further than that!

Two weekends ago, DJ and I went on a weekend long college tour, just the two of us. It was really nice to have some time with her alone.

We hit Chic Fil A three times - once we saw the sign and had a hunkering for a shake. It was Saturday night at 9, and that meant we had two hours or we'd be done for the weekend. I mean, I'm all about the Sabbath, but seriously, couldn't they just open at like 1 when everyone is through with church?

We pulled off the interstate and realized it was a 3.8 mile drive to the cookies and cream. There ought to be a law against that - more than 1/2 a mile and it should not be on official FOOD signage.

We toured four schools: Clemson, Furman, South Carolina and UNC.

I asked our student guide what I thought were fairly good questions:

"Are all of the dorms same-sex facilities? She'd be more comfortable with all girls."

"Could you expound on the Honors curriculum?"

"Now, where is the Presbyterian Student Center?" It bothered me that one of the guides did not know.

"Is there a curfew?"

I pointed out the amenities of each school to my daughter:

"DJ, look, they have broccoli in the lunch room!"

"There is a YMCA right near the campus."

"I don't think you'll even need a car here."

"The teachers seem so nice."

It was difficult to get a real read on what she liked. I think she wants to surprise me.

She didn't seem very impressed with the broccoli and honors courses. But I did see her pupils expand when she drove by USC's frat court.

I don't think Meredith has a frat court - that could be a problem.