Leigh plugged in just long enough to snap a picture of a beautiful day recently.
Leigh plugged in just long enough to snap a picture of a beautiful day recently.

Do we really need someone to tell us to unplug? 

My column is short this week. 

Here’s why. It was 70 degrees and beautiful on Sunday in Raleigh. 

I typically write this column on Sunday because, well, it’s due on Sunday. 

But on this day it was too beautiful to stay inside staring at a computer screen.   

I eventually left my family in the yard so I could come in and meet my deadline.  I’m loyal to my deadlines. 

If this is what spring is going to look like, then I may need to juggle my schedule a little. No more writing on the weekend. 

My not wanting to be on the computer on this day reminded me that a national event is coming up on March 7-8. It’s called the National Day of Unplugging. 

My family may say that I’m not unplugged often. It’s hard for me because I don’t have a normal workday where I go into the office for a certain amount of time daily to write and do my social media. 

Despite my random hours, I really don’t think I need a national day to remind me to unplug.

Do I need to do better with time management?  


But, I don’t think I need a day to unplug for someone to remind me to live life.  

When they say unplugged, do they mean from T.V., too?

I am guilty of watching “The Voice” while my two kids played upstairs. That was some great downtime for me. I didn’t need to play with them. But I made sure they were unplugged. 

And if anyone needs a day of unplugging, it’s today’s young people. I have to unplug my kids often. It’s a challenge, too. We fight over that issue more than anything. 

I basically have to kick them outside. As it gets warmer, I’ll be doing more of that. 

Then I will get plugged in because I will finally have some peace and freedom to do what I want. 

Do you unplug?