Dancing the Day Away

There is one thing that is an instantaneous cure to just about any run of the mill stressors that come as a result of this motherhood gig.   That one thing for me is an impromptu dance party with my kids.   Few things compare to cranking up some tunes, getting jiggy in the middle of the living room with my kids, pretending to do the worm, air guitaring, head banging, jumping, sliding, robotting, moon walking, and even doing the Hammer. Once we get started, we quickly realize we are too legit to quit, and the dance party makes time fly.   It’s just beyond fun.  

After tonight’s dance party I have realized one thing.  It is time for me to decree every night dance party time (or at least the end of every bad or mediocre day should end this way).  My kids feverishly bounce about the room, and all twelve of their limbs flail about.  My nearly two year old was clapping his hands like a mad man, doing his favorite move (I affectionately call it “walking in circles”), and even putting his hands on the ground, diapered tooshie in the air, and peeking head between his ankles while bouncing.  My five year old daughter’s long hair suddenly becomes that of an ‘80’s glam band or a metal band (dependant upon the genre we throw on the tube).  My eldest boy shows off his hip hop moves that have been taught to him two summers in a row by some hipster neighbors that lead all the neighborhood boys in practicing for and pulling off a tremendous end of summer hip hop show for everyone in the neighborhood just to prove that boys can dance, too! It’s awesome, and he can almost dance better than me...

We sometimes abstain from our iTunes catalog and enjoy channel surfing the music channels as you never know what you’ll get with those.  They’re like a box of chocolates - some are full of good gooey richness like the 80’s channel which I am a total sucker for, some are smooth and mellow like jazz or the 70’s which kids hate, some are solid & crunchy like hip hop which my kids are all about, and some are just bad yet still fun to mock and strut about to like country for instance.  Tonight we happened upon my favorite party anthem, and my kids were taught the whole routine.  They really rocked out the room in their Perry the Platypus, Cinderella, and Jake & the Neverland Pirates jammes.

I taught my kids to stand on top of my feet while holding my hands tonight as we ballroom danced all around the room the way that my Dad once taught me.  I remember how giggly that would make me as a kid and how much I absolutely loved it.  I also have such fond memories of him and my Mom dancing all about the house when I was a kid.  They love to dance, and they are good at it, too.  They can jitterbug, do the mashed potato, and even the twist.  I can only hope my kids will look back on nights like tonight some day and a smile will spread across their faces just as one has spread across mine as I sit here reflecting on the many carefree dance parties I have been fortunate to have with my parents.  That time is so very cherished.