Fractures, Sprains and Ticks, Oh My!

Another Saturday, another urgent care office for a member of Heidi's family.
Another Saturday, another urgent care office for a member of Heidi's family.

One Monday morning, three separate school notes, please tell me I am not alone!  We had a pretty basic Spring Break, yet each of my children somehow managed to sustain an injury that resulted in a trip to either Urgent Care or our family doctor over the week they were off.

Firstly, on a rainy day at the beach we decided to go and see a movie to pass the afternoon. After the movie, we went for a late lunch at a nearby restaurant with an indoor play area and my five year old fell awkwardly and fractured his left wrist. My husband and I congratulated ourselves on the fact that we now have the weekend and/or out of hours trip to urgent care down pat. Within 15 minutes we had given him ibuprofen, had an ice pack on the arm and were sitting in the urgent care waiting room. Given we were out of town we were extremely proud of ourselves. One of those 'you know you are a parent when…..' moments. An hour later our son was the rather disappointed owner of a little black splint since only five year olds really, really want a cast.  
The rest of the time at the beach was uneventful and we returned to enjoy the last few days of the break at home.  My twelve year old daughter and her cousin had signed up to do the Color Me RAD 5k in Raleigh, so early on Saturday morning my sister and I headed out to cheer them on.  As we cheered them through the last color station we noticed that Madison was limping, she still had a smile on her face so we figured she had a blister. As she crossed the finish line she explained that she had fallen on some uneven ground trying to get past a large group of walkers.  The adrenaline of the run wore off and she found herself unable to put any weight on the ankle.  A very kind man carried her to the car for us and off we went to yet another urgent care location!  
At this point I am shaking my head and just can't believe that it is now two Saturdays in a row and I am sitting in yet another urgent care waiting room.  X-ray complete and a sprain is confirmed and we are now the proud owners of another black splint. At this point I am seriously considering buying some stock in one of the ibuprofen makers because we seem to be going through the stuff very quickly.
Safely at home, relaxing that same evening and our nine year old son calls out "Dad, I have a tick!"  Sure enough, he has a tick in the most awkward spot possible for a boy, if you get my drift.  My husband gets it off with tweezers, it was still very small so we think we got it early on.   The next day there is a bit of swelling and itching, we check the websites, this is totally normal so we go on with our normal activities.  I take my husband to the airport for his flight to Europe and start preparing for the return to school after a week off.  
Later that evening I check on Cole's swelling and it is obvious it is just getting worse. I assure him it is normal and that we will go straight to the Dr. in the morning.  Before heading to the Dr. I sit down to write two notes to explain my five year olds splint and my daughters foot brace to their teachers.  
Off the the Dr. we go to have the tick bite taken care of. One steroid shot later we are armed with oral steroids and antibiotics to be taken for the next week and he is signed off school for another day until the swelling goes down.  When we get home I sit down and write the third note to school to explain why Cole won't be in school for two days.
As I wrote that third note I just had to sit and shake my head. Seriously, one Monday morning, three separate notes to school, it just seemed ridiculous.