Five Kids Plus Three Bears Acres Equals Fun For All!

Heidi's family had a blast at Three Bears Acres earlier this month.
Heidi's family had a blast at Three Bears Acres earlier this month.

On Good Friday I had planned to spend the day at Duke Gardens having a picnic but the day was a bit chillier than I had hoped for, so at the last minute I needed to come up with an alternative plan. My husband and I were going to be spending the day with five children, ranging in age from five to 11, and ideally I wanted them all to enjoy whatever we ended up doing. I had read about Three Bears Acres recreational farm over a year ago but had never had a chance to visit. After a quick Google search to check logistics I decided this was the day to check it out.

Three Bears Acres is a 50 acre, outdoor recreational farm located in Creedmoor and was about a 35 minute drive for us from Cary. My first sign that we were in the right place was the parking lot full of minivans, I don't think I have ever seen so many in one place! The second sign that we had made the right decision was the sign declaring that running, jumping, yelling and climbing were all welcome and that you could leave your indoor voice at the door! Alleluia!

Right away the kids ran to the huge jumping pillow, which is an inflatable trampoline. Then they were off to the giant slide, before realizing how much fun it would be to roll each other down the hill in the giant barrels. The older boys spied the sling shot and they were off again to explore another corner. I loved watching the group of kids all self appoint themselves to different roles to keep the sling shot attraction running smoothly, there were little ones pushing a wheelbarrow larger than they were to pick up the tennis balls and others who willingly became moving targets.

I hadn't packed a picnic so my husband ran to a nearby subway to grab lunch. At this point it was 2:00pm and the kids had been running around for almost three hours. They gobbled up their lunch and were off to the archery station. After a quick round of milk bottle bowling, a run around the tree house play structure, one last jump on the jumping pillow and an ice cream from the snack van it was time to head back home. Mission accomplished!  We had five very happy kids who had spent the entire day outside and not one of us had noticed that the weather wasn't as nice as we had hoped for, the sun seemed to be shining at Three Bears Acres as far as we were concerned.

That night my five year old fell asleep on the couch at 8:00pm, something he has not done for a very long time. We spend a lot of time outside but there is something about the freedom of exploring a new environment and creating your own fun that tires you out in the best possible way. We will definitely go back to explore the fishing pond, boats and other activities that we didn't get to on our first visit.  

You can plan your visit to Three Bears Acres by visiting their website . Next time I will bring a picnic as there are tons of picnic tables. The admission price is $13 per child over 2 and $7 per adult and it is well worth it as all activities are included in that price. They also have a Toddler Thursday which is $10 and the adult is free, as well as Military Family, Group and Track-out discounts.