Look Out, Mouse, Here We Come!

They wanted to pack their bags the night we told them. With headbands on their heads containing black mouse ears they excitedly pulled the first link from the nearly one month’s worth of loops represented on a paper chain countdown that we gave to them when we unveiled the big surprise, a surprise I could have only dreamed of as a child. Nightly one link (one less anxious day of waiting) will be pulled from the paper chain until this family invades the Mouse’s magical kingdom. I don’t know who’s more excited - the kids or this mom.

I’m excited to return to Space Mountain (a ride I once rode seven times in a row during my only trip to Disney in 8th grade), to repeatedly hear, “It’s a small world after all”, to see amazing fireworks displays if the toddler in tow doesn’t start screaming, to spin in the teacups until I’m sick, to eat sugary, over-processed foods until I’m even sicker, and much, much more. I’m more excited to see what the magic does to my little ones’ faces as it blows their little minds - to hear their glee as we cross the Florida state line, to witness them most likely jumping on the resort’s beds when we check-in (I am already resigned to just “let it go”), to see their eyes literally light up at their first glimpse of that iconic castle, to see my daughter meet a princess (hopefully her favorite one, Belle), to witness my eldest attempt a giant turkey leg (he’s a carnivore; he’ll devour it), to see (& survive) my littlest one be overwhelmed by all of the overstimulation around every single corner, to be deafened by the big kids screaming at the top of their lungs on their first ever roller coaster ride, and to capture a mental image of them all hopefully getting the opportunity to hug that Mouse and possibly his sweet soul mate, Miss Minnie.  

At the end of every day of this vacation, I know dear hubby and I will be dragging hurting feet, be beyond sweaty, be frazzled, be feeling claustrophobic from way too many crowds and lines, be overstimulated ourselves, and mostly likely arguing with one another out of sheer exhaustion, but we will also do our very best to cherish every moment. I am vowing now to live in the moment - something that as a harried mom I don’t take the time to do nearly like I should. I know better, and this trip will be truly magical for all of us for so many reasons. Look out, Mickey!