Is there a Downside to Being an Older Parent?

As an older parent, Leigh sometimes has worries she doesn't think her younger counterparts have.
As an older parent, Leigh sometimes has worries she doesn't think her younger counterparts have.

I try not to show my age.  I really do, but sometimes having young children later in life takes its toll, especially on the ears.

I’m jealous of people with quiet children. I really am.

My son came out of the womb screaming, and eight year s later, he’s still screaming.

My daughter is not as noisy as my son. She’s actually quiet.

In fact, she jokes, “It will be nice when he goes off to college. We can finally get some peace and quiet.”

You know. She has a point.

But, I kind of get a lump in my throat when I think about my son leaving for college.  

And I’m not totally sure that my lump is for the right reasons.

Sure, I am going to miss my child when he goes off to college, but I’m also excited for what his future will hold. The college years should be the best times of his life. That will be a special time for him.  

I get the lump because I fear the future for myself.

My husband and I are older parents. I’m 45. Will just turned 48. Some of my college friends are starting to become empty nesters in what I think is the prime of their lives.

We’ll be empty nesters in our sixties. People are certainly living longer these days, but being 65 is not the same as being 45.  Will our children be embarrassed that their parents are so much older than their friend’s parents?

No one has a crystal ball. Will we be healthy? Will we still even be on earth to share in these special moments? I pray that is the case.

There are so much of my children’s lives that I want to share. Graduations. Weddings. The birth of my grandchildren. But, I have to face the reality that I may not be here to experience all the joys in their lives. I only hope that we will. But as each year passes, the odds are not always in my favor.

My daughter says my grandchildren will be named:  Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff.  I kind of hope she forgets about the “Frozen” names when it is her time to become a parent.

I realize no one knows what the future holds which is why we have to live our lives in the present, and enjoy every minute that life brings.

I understand that. However, it’s hard not to let your mind wander sometimes, especially when you know you got a late start in life as a parent.

Do I regret not trying to start a family as soon as I married in 2002?

No, I think everything in life happens at the right time. We weren’t ready then to be parents then.

We are better parents now at this stage in our lives

I’m just guilty sometimes of wanting to slow time down. I don’t mind them aging, but I want my own age to stand still.

That’s not the way life is though. I’m going to have to find the inner strength to embrace every new wrinkle, and celebrate every year that I’m on earth with my family.

Am I the only one to think about and worry about these things? Do parents who had their children younger think about this?