It's bad enough that I am a mom driving around town with two distracting kids in the back seat on most days. Now, I’m going to be a paranoid mom who is driving around town with two distracting kids, while also being afraid to park the car.

I went too far over the curb while taking my kids on a lunch date with my mother-in-law last week.

I must confess. I’ve parked like that before. Who hasn’t?

Truthfully, I’ve done much worse than going too far over a curb in a parking lot, or at least I thought so.

One time, with a screaming newborn in the car, I drove over a wheel stop in the World Market parking lot in Cary because I was so distraught and out of it. I forgot it was there and thought I would go forward to leave my space since no one was parked in front of me. You know, blame it on the lack of sleep that new moms experience.

After that awakening jolt, I called my husband in a panic. He drove the car over the rest of the wheel stop, and took the car in to be checked the next day.

All clear!

With not a care in the world, and with only one nondistracting child in my car, I pulled into a parking space last week that was on a hill with a curb and gutter.

I didn’t notice anything unusual. I’ve even parked in the lot before. It’s less than five minutes from my home.

After lunch, we added my son as a passenger. With both kids in the car, the fighting noise was already starting, and I didn’t even have the key in the ignition yet.

But as soon as I put my car in reverse, another noise was heard that sounded a lot louder than any interior noise.

I yelled, “What the heck is that?” At least, I think I said “heck.” It could have been something stronger in meaning. It may have even rhymed with duck.

Yes, I had kids in the car, but the horrendous noise caught me by surprise. But it eventually stopped.


What happens next may shock you. I finished backing up and went on my merry way.

But when I got in my garage, I realized that my parking luck ran out as I put my car in reverse in that parking space.

The entire front of my car was as crooked as a two-dollar bill.

It’s going to cost $2,000 to fix. I think “Oops” is an understatement.