Do You and Your Children Wear Sunglasses?

If you have ever popped over to my personal blog, then you may notice that my blue-eyed family never leaves home without sunshades.

Sunglasses are just part of our life. To us, wearing them is like brushing our teeth.

Somehow, I got lucky, and my kids eventually got in the habit of wearing sunglasses. It’s not a struggle for us. Truthfully, we can’t go anywhere without them. And that’s good, according to The Vision Council, because children receive three times the annual sun exposure of adults, and research has shown that their young eyes are especially susceptible to UV-radiation-related harm.

Sunglasses are a must for young eyes, but it’s not always easy to get children to wear the glasses. I've got some tips on my blog this week on what to look for in a pair of children's sunglasses, and how to keep those glasses on their cute little faces.

We like to keep our sunglasses in the same place at all times, but sometimes we ask, “Where are my sunglasses?”

It is true that half of Americans will break or lose their sunglasses this year. I've actually kept my current pair of sunglasses for two years now. My son has had his pair for two years, too. My toddler has six pairs. We've already broken three pairs this summer.

Out of 10,000 people polled, 19 percent have no clue where their sunglasses are, and 2 percent said that they spend some time searching for their glasses only to find them on their head.

That’s me. It happens a lot when I’m in a rush. I blame it on parenthood.

Where are your sunglasses right now? Believe it or not, some people polled said they found their lost sunglasses in the refrigerator. Where do you think is the most common place for finding sunglasses?