Point, Click, Shoot. Capture that Moment!

You know the drill. The kids do something cute. You grab the camera.

Point. Click. Shoot. And you missed the shot. It’s far from perfect.

On a photo shoot with local photographer Rebekah Tozer in downtown Apex last week, I watched as she brought out the “model” side of my kids. They were so at ease. They were cooperating. They were having fun.

My son didn’t put out his usual "hand" signaling "stop it," which is what I get when I try to take his photo myself.

This new digital age that we live in has certainly made it easier for parents to capture their own special moments in between professional portraits like the one with Rebekah. But unless you read the camera’s instruction manual 100 times, and one time in Japanese, photos can still be hit-and-miss for those of us without any photography experience.

I’m from the era when I used to turn in “film” to the local drug store just to see what type of moments I captured with my point-and-shoot camera. They were usually of me posing with my friends at a party wearing some awful decorated sweater, high-waisted jeans, and hair that resembled Vanna White’s blonde style. I swear I looked so much better in person. I really did!

I remember picking up the photos in less than 24 hours, opening the envelope, and seeing 16 red-eyed photos, two blurry photos, and perhaps a photo of a couch.

How did that get in there? Oh, and let’s not forget the classic one of a hand.

In today’s world we can ensure that our printed photos are limb- and couch-free, unless, of course, we’re furniture shopping. Red-eye is a thing of the past. In fact, blue eyes are even bluer.

Just check out some of the great shots Rebekah captured of my family on her blog, and you’ll see what I mean.

When looking at our photos, I sometimes wish that I could capture the same photographic magic at home. Rebekah says IT IS possible with just a little training, which she is happy to offer.

Rebekah is now sharing her own tips of the trade with parents. In special, affordable, three-hour classes, she is teaching parents to take the “auto” off the SLR cameras and capture photographic moments that look like a professional took them. She discusses lighting, posing, and angles, and makes technical camera mumbo jumbo easy to understand. If you belong to Living Social, look for special deals throughout the year on these classes as well.

I don’t own an SLR camera. Maybe I should ask Santa for one, but in the meantime Rebekah has handed me a great disc of photos for me to print. I’m not going to lie. I’m one proud mama after her photo session. She captured images in my children that I see daily. My husband gets more handsome and distinguished with age. As for me, I think my Vanna White-hairstyle days are behind me, too. Hair extensions and never showing any gray at all just aren’t in my household budget.

For more on Rebekah’s camera classes visit: