Where Did All These Tall People Come From

Since I became an adult, I often find myself as one of the shortest grownups in a room. In college, I was put in the front row for sorority pictures and when I am out people often let me in front of them so I can see better. But once I became a mom, I spent most of my time with little ones and often found myself the tallest one in a room. I was the one to retrieve things from the high shelves and the top of the refrigerator. But after years of feeling somewhat tall, lately I am beginning to feel very short.

All the kids around me seem to have hit a growth spurt, seemingly overnight. Laurel is only about 6 inches shorter than me and Trevor is right behind her. Every time we see one of their friends, it seems that the kid has grown a foot overnight. At least once week these days, a kid who is barely in double digits proclaims that they are almost taller than me and measures their height against me. And rub the salt in even more, my teenage nephew who was barely walking at my wedding is now a head taller.

One of these days, I know that it is going to be my own children that I am looking up to. And soon, my daughter will even be stealing clothes from my closet. But at least they will be able to get dishes from the top shelf for me.