Girl's Night Out

I always look forward to going on a girl’s night out. The outing gives me a chance to enjoy adult conversation, eat yummy food and have a leisurely meal without worrying that the kids will act up. Best of all I don’t have to cut up anyone’s food and keep an eye on bedtime. After each night out, I find myself being much more patient with my family and resolve to get out more often.

But I have to admit that I recently had one of my all-time favorite girl’s nights out. But it didn’t involve fancy food or adult beverages and in fact, I was home well before 8 p.m. Instead of going out with girlfriends, I spent a wonderful evening hanging out with my 10-year-old daughter. One of the challenges about having multiple kids is that it never seems that you get enough alone time with each child so we try to make a date with each alone whenever possible.

On our night out Laurel talked nonstop about her friends, school and told me some funny new jokes. We got extra butter on our pop corn since the boys in our family don’t like it that way and laughed hysterically together at the movie. And when pulled into the driveway a few hours later, we were both happy, relaxed and had genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. And even better was the fact that she is old enough to use a knife so I still didn’t have to cut up anyone’s food during the evening.