The Pink Shoes

Jennifer is on vacation this week,but wanted to share one of her favorite posts with you this week that she wrote four years ago.

Note from Jennifer: Now that Laurel is almost 11, I find myself often thinking of the days of princess shoes and imaginary friends. And I will remember this moment and be very thankful that I bought the shoes. She wore them for close to two years before they became two babyish. And yes, it was totally worth $14.99 to live in the world of pink sparkly princess shoes for a little longer.

I was searching the children's shoe aisle at Target for some brown loafers that met the uniform code at my daughter's charter school. Then I saw THE SHOES. They were covered in pink glitter and had a satin bow on the front. They would melt any little girl's heart.

I could hear my six year old daughter’s voice, “Oh mommy, I will be a princess when I wear those shoes. Look at the sparkles.” Being the practical mom that I am, I looked at the price and then put them back. I told myself that there were at least 10 different reasons why I shouldn’t buy the shoes with number 1 being that they were totally impractical to number 10 being that my son still needed school clothes. I pushed the cart to the next aisle in the shoe department still searching for the boring school shoes.

Throughout the rest of my shopping trip, I kept thinking about those shoes. I kept hearing her squeal when she first saw them. I could see her showing everyone we ran into her princess shoes. I kept picturing her wearing them every moment I would let her. And I knew her eyes would sparkle each and every time she slipped them on her size 13 feet.

“Well, maybe I will splurge on those shoes next year,” I rationalized to myself, “When gas is cheaper and the economy is better.”

Then it hit me. Next year she might not think that the princess shoes were the coolest thing in the world. Heck, next year she might not even think they were princess shoes. They might be worn once and shoved in the closet because they were too babyish. I turned my cart around and headed back to the shoes aisle. It was worth $14.99 to live in the world of pink sparkly princess shoes with her as long I possibly could.