Power Cord Treasure Hunts

When I was growing up, my mom was often irritated because she couldn’t find her favorite shirt, the pair of shoes she wanted to wear or her brand new purse. More often than not, she found me or my sister wearing her misplaced item as we tried to sneak out the front door unnoticed.

Although, I am a few years away from Laurel borrowing my clothes, I realized this week that I am already experiencing the modern version of this age old battle. It seems that in the past few months that all of my electronic devices and power cords have grown feet so they are never in the same spot where I leave them.

After several minutes of searching for my cell phone yesterday, I finally called my phone to locate it. As soon as I dialed the number, I heard Trevor yell from his room, “Hey mom, someone’s trying to call you but I’m in the middle of playing a video game.” Last week, I finally found my long lost ear buds in my daughter’s ears as she happily listened to book on my iPod. And I have decided that my family now just moves my phone charge to a new outlet every few hours just for the fun of watching me lose my mind as I hunt through the house.

But I guess my saving grace is at least Laurel isn’t wearing my clothes when I find her with my electronics. At least not yet anyway.