A Real Vacation

I haven’t folded laundry this week. The only cooking I have done is make hamburger patties for my husband to cook on the grill.

Each morning I get to sleep well past my normal waking time of 6:45 a.m. And the biggest decision I have made is which of the many mini-golf courses to play with the kids.

 As I write this column, I can hear the waves outside the open window and feel the ocean breeze blowing in.

One of my favorite things to do is travel to new places, and I love showing my kids new cities, states and countries. But for this track-out, we found ourselves staying closer to home and headed to the North Carolina coast.

 While I still can’t wait to show them more of the world, I have to say that endless days of boogie boarding with the kids, eating ice cream and trying to build the world’s biggest sand castle have been a lot of fun.

 We have spent hours hanging out with the kids without the pressures of getting homework done, trying to make it to soccer practice on time and the countless chores that being at home provides.

This week has reminded me of the importance of spending time together doing pretty much nothing, and I have decided to make sure we have at least one vacation next year that is pure relaxation. Although I have to say that trying to build a mega sand castle can be pretty intense.