Fair time: Adventurous kids leave me queasy

As I stood below of the Ring of Fire, my stomach felt queasy. I wasn't even the one hanging upside down high above the N.C State Fairgrounds, but the mere sight of my children made me want to lose my lunch.

Before the kids had handed over their tickets, I had asked both whether they were positive that they were game for the rollercoaster on steroids. But I forgot to ask myself whether I was up to the task of watching my children high in the air.

It doesn't seem that long ago that our annual fair day was spent eating as much fried food as possible and looking at exhibits. Of course the kids would go on rides, but typically they were nothing more adventurous than a carousel horse or a train on a small track.

But in recent years, I have found myself buying many more ride tickets and the kids having to point higher in the sky to show me which rides they want to go on. And looking at mutant vegetables and eating food on a stick have moved to an afterthought, rather than the main point of our trip.

When the kids got off the ride, I laughed as they staggered around, getting used to the flat ground. And when they asked to go on the ride again, I shook my head and pointed to the exhibit hall. No matter how much they love the rides, the veggies and funnel cakes will always be my favorite part of the fair.