Christmas Cards

I have spent a small fortune on Christmas cards over the years. Some years I buy beautifully embossed cards that I have carefully picked out. Other years, I load up a shopping cart full of cardstock, stickers and glitter with the best intentions of making my own cards. And occasionally, I will even go through the trauma of staging a holiday photo card with my two children and three dogs.

But the funniest part is that I actually rarely get them addressed, stamped and in the mailbox all in the same year. I tend to have loads of Christmas cards sitting around the house and an even bigger load of guilt for not sending them out. As much as I love getting cards, there is something about the process of sending them that just seems Herculean.

So in my ongoing effort to simplify Christmas, this year I am only going to partake in the holiday traditions that will give my family joy. It might mean baking a ton of cookies to give to all my neighbors and not sending out a single card. Or I may end up crafting homemade cards for everyone I have ever met. I have decided to just let the holidays happen and see what it looks like.


So if you don’t get a card from me, you’ll know that it’s probably sitting on my desk. But if you ever need some extra Christmas cards, just let me know. I have plenty to spare.