A few good reads

Are you looking for a good read to give to someone on you holiday shopping list.  Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

Board Books

Red Truck, Yellow Bus: A Book of Colors
. (Scholastic Press, $6.95, Toddlers)

Scholastic’s Children’s Press series continues to celebrate a toddler's world of firsts with board books that reflect two important areas: readiness concepts and body awareness.

Baby Animals: In the Sea
. (Kingfisher, $5.95, Toddlers)

With playful text, and beautiful close-up photography that features baby animals in their natural habitats, this

series is an accessible introduction to a wide range of animals and ecosystems.

In the Garden
. (Peachtree Publishers, $6.95, Toddlers) by Elizabeth Spurr) 

Simple and evocative language and charming illustrations describe a boy's experience in the garden.

. (Fenn Tundra, $6.99, ages 2 and up) by Christopher Jordan

Calling all NASCAR fans. A new series for future NASCAR fans introduces your children to early basic concepts: numbers, the alphabet, colors and shapes.  NASCAR 123, NASCAR ABC, NASCAR Colors, and NASCAR Shapes.

Picture Books

Goldilocks and Just One Bear
. ($15.99, Nosy Crow, ages 3 and up) by Leigh Hodgkinson.

Little Bear, all grown up, finds himself lost in a noisy, busy city where he happens to bump into someone with golden hair who remembers exactly how he likes his porridge.

 ($16.99, Hyperion Books for Children, ages 4 and up) by John Rocco.

When a busy family’s activities come to a halt because of a blackout, they find they enjoy spending time together and not being too busy for once.

Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops.
 (Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books, $16.99, ages 5 and up) by Jill Biden.

Natalie, a young girl whose soldier father has deployed to Iraq, tells the reader what life is like for her and her mother in the year that her father is away.

Turkey Claus
. (Amazon Children’s Publishing, $16.99, ages 4 and up) by Wendi Silvano

Santa Claus finds a way to help Turkey avoid becoming Christmas dinner.

Elephant Joe Brave Knight: a Tale of Knightly Chivalrousness
.  (Random House Books for Young Readers, $16.99, ages 3 and up) by David Wojtowycz

Knights Elephant Joe and Zebra Pete are tasked with rescuing the king's crown from the Dark Knight, who is guarded by a fierce dragon.

Easy Reader

Splat the Cat Takes the Cake
. (Harper Collins, $16.99, ages 4 and up) by Rob Scotton.

When an unfortunate accident breaks the family's television, young Splat resolves to win a new TV by entering a cake-baking competition, an effort that is challenged by a disastrous first attempt and a goal of preparing a cake in the shape of a favorite superhero.

Young Cam Jansen and the Magic Bird Mystery
. (Viking Juvenile, $14.99, ages 6 and up) by David Adler.

Aunt Molly takes Cam and her friend Eric to see a magic show at Teddy's Toys. During the show, Teddy's bird, Oscar, disappears!

My School Trip
. (Scholastic Inc., $3.99, ages 4 and up) by Lynn Maslen Kertell.

Jack's class is at the zoo. What animals will me meet on his trip? A new series of beginning readers based on the very popular BOB Books. 

. (Carolrhoda Books, $16.95, ages 5 and up) by Lisa Wheeler.

It's almost football time again! Your small sports lovers will enjoy this book even more because of the colorful dinosaur players.


One Dog and His Boy
. (Scholastic Press, $16.99, ages 8 and up) by Eva Ibbotson

When lonely, ten-year-old Hal learns that his wealthy but neglectful parents only rented Fleck, the dog he always wanted, he and new friend Pippa take Fleck and four other dogs from the rental agency on a trek to Scotland, where Hal's grandparents live. Eva Ibbotson's final masterpiece.

Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Dancing Diva. (Hyperion Books, $4.99, ages 6 and up) by Whoppi Goldberg

Epatha knows she's the perfect pick for the lead in the new Sugar Plum ballet. But her dream role isn't as "fabulosa" as she imagined. The latest in Whoopi Goldberg’s popular series.

The Kingfisher Space Encyclopedia
. (Kingfisher, $18.99, ages 9 and up) by Mike Goldsmith

With dramatic full-bleed artwork, a visual design that organizes the information into clear, digestible sections, the latest photography, and special features such as digital cutaways, step-by-step sequences, and callouts featuring key scientific ideas, this amazing 160-page volume is the perfect guide to space for today’s visual learners.

Whatever After: Fairest of All.
 (Scholastic Press,  $14.99, ages 8 and up) by Sarah MlynowskiI

The first of the new “Whatever After” series, this is a fresh, modern spin on the classic fairy tale,

Snow White.

Madhattan Mystery
. (Walker Childrens, $16.99, ages 8 and up) by John Bonk.

On her first day in New York City with her younger brother, Kevin, twelve-year-old Lexi overhears

thieves discussing where to hide stolen jewels, and the siblings, along with their aunt's neighbor, Kim Ling, skip day camp to investigate "the crime of the century."

White House Kids: The Perks, Pleasures, Problems, and Pratfalls of the Presidents' Children.
 (Imagine Publishing, $14.99, ages 8 and up) by Joe Rhatigan

Shares the experiences of growing up in the White House, discusses the good and the bad, and profiles the children that have lived there.

. (Viking Juvenile, $16.99, ages 9 and up ) by M. H. Herlong

Tyrone “Li’l T” Roberts and his family have to leave their dog, Buddy, in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. When they return, Buddy is gone. Li’l T refuses to give up hope of finding his best friend.

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth
. (Harper Collins, $9.99, ages 6 and up) by Jane O’Connor

In her chapter book debut, Nancy Clancy must find the culprit when a prized possession goes missing at school.


. (Feiwel & Friends, $17.99, ages 12 and up) by Marissa Meyer

As plague ravages the overcrowded Earth, observed by a ruthless lunar people, Cinder, a gifted mechanic and cyborg, becomes involved with handsome Prince Kai and must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect the world in this futuristic take on the Cinderella story.

Guy Langman, Crime Scene Procrastinator
. (Knopf Books for Young Readers, $16.99, ages 12 and up) by Josh Berk.

Sixteen-year-old Guy Langman, his best friend Anoop, and other members of the school Forensics Club investigate a break-in and a possible murder, which could be connected to the mysterious past of Guy's recently-deceased father.

Every Day
. (Knopf Books for Young Readers, $17.99, ages 12 and up) by David Levithan.

Every morning A wakes in a different person's body, in a different person's life, learning over the years to never get too attached, until he wakes up in the body of Justin and falls in love with Justin's girlfriend.

The Diviners
. (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $19.99, ages 15 and up) by Libba Bray.

The award-winning author of Beauty Queens presents an evocative mystery in the New York City of the Roaring 20s, where Evie O'Neill immerses herself in the world of glamorous Ziegfield girls and speakeasies before helping her uncle, a folklore museum curator, solve a rash of occult-based murders.

The Bronte Sisters
. (Clarion Books, $18.99, ages 12 and up) by Catherine Reef

Subtitled The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. In this sometimes heartbreaking young adult biography, Catherine Reef explores the turbulent lives of these literary siblings and the oppressive times in which they lived.